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How it works

It all starts with you

As one of our service partners you will be paid a fixed, hourly rate for the service you deliver to our users – timed to the minute to ensure your time=pay as a guarantee.


Users either have an immediate or future need, and once they have requested a service, if applicable you will be offered the chance to accept or reject the job after viewing the job details and your pay amount. It’s really that simple. 

The process

Step 1

Register as a service professional

Once you've downloaded the app you can register to deliver the service or services you offer to our customers. Before you can start making yourself active for immediate jobs or create a schedule you will have to wait to pass the background checking process if applying to deliver a qualifying service. This background check is powered by our industry leading partner, Checkr.

Step 2

Finalise your account by adding your payout information

Before you set yourself as active for immediate jobs or start your first scheduled job as one of our service providers, make sure you finalise your account by adding your payment information. You will be paid a fixed, hourly rate for the services you deliver and accrued earnings are paid out weekly. All payments are made securely though our industry leading banking partner, Stripe.

Step 3

Make yourself active and/or create a schedule

Once your are fully setup as a service provider, you can activate your status to be visible to immediate need jobs through our customer magnet. But we also recommended regularly updating your availability schedule so future need jobs can automatically be booked for you and our customer magnet will look to book jobs during your available slots/hours. This powerful technology has intelligent scheduling, so your jobs will mapped efficiently, saving travel time and maximising your earnings.

Step 4

Complete customer jobs scheduled to you

Prior to accepting the job request you are notified of the estimated cost, and therefore your earnings for that job. This is held in a form of escrow at the time the User requests the service to ensure your time is never wasted. Upon arrival and starting the job you notify the app and the service timer begins and once you have completed the job you notify the app and the timer stops. This ensures if jobs run longer than estimated, your time is always paid for as a guarantee. You also have the ability to add additional charges - for example, during a lawn care appointment you might had provided seeds - you can add a materials cost as additional items.

Step 5

Final payment is then automatically taken from the user

Once the job is complete, the final cost to the hour and minute, including any additional charges will be automatically taken from the users account. This job and your earnings will then show directly in the app where you can track all of your earnings on-demand.

Step 6

Our peer-powered ratings and reviews

A large part of our success is the quality of the services we deliver and the treatment of the professionals delivering those services. Our application algorithms are built around this principle and customer ratings and feedback have a direct impact on future job offers. Professionals who fail to meet and maintain our required standards might not be able to offer their services through the Here4All App.

Step 7

Your weekly payouts of earnings

Being a professional on the Here4All app means you're never far away from your next paycheque to keep the cogs of life turning. You can check and keep track of your earnings on-demand in the app, from anywhere at the touch of a button. Earnings payouts are weekly, to a chosen banking account of your choice.

What's the catch?

No catch. Here4All’s fixed and transparent hourly pricing combined with live in app timing means that Users and Professionals can track cost and earnings on demand leaving nothing to the imagination.


Here4All is committed to full transparency regarding our objectives, our ratings, our pricing and our business model. We don’t believe in hidden fees, paying for leads or sharing consumer data. Transparency brings trust and trust is the basis on which all long lasting relationships are formed.

How Here4All get paid

Here4All take a modest service fee as a percentage directly from the User, meaning as a service professional your earnings are yours – without fees, subscription charges or the need to pay for leads or ads. 


That’s why the key to our success is the quality of the services we deliver and the treatment of the professionals delivering those services as our Users’ happiness is paramount.